Additional Resources

Ottawa Distress Centre 

This distress line is available 24/7. It attempts to help callers deal with a range of problems, both big and small, by providing supportive listening and relevant resources. More information is available on their website.

Mental Health Crisis Line

This crisis line is available 24/7 for anyone age 16 and older. It is associated with the distress centre listed above, except that this line is intended for more immediate crises. Their website also provides a list of resources and other links that may be useful.   

The Global Prevention Project™

The Global Prevention Project also aims to prevent sexual offences by providing treatment for people with problematic sexual thoughts and fantasies - including web-based groups - and helping clients lead happy, healthy, pro-social lives. Their website includes a thorough description of the project, as well as literature and other resources to help people with these problematic interests. 

They also recently started The Prevention Podcast, which focuses on important issues related to preventing sexual offences. The podcast will include interviews with experts and people with problematic sexual interests.

Stop it Now!

Stop it Now! is a program that attempts to prevent sexual abuse against children by educating the public and encouraging people with pedophilia to seek treatment before offending. The Stop it Now! Helpline offers information and confidential support to people with pedophilia, as well as the general public. They also have a website, which provides additional support, advice, and resources.

The Prevention Network

Originally known as Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD), The Prevention Network is a German initiative intended to encourage people with pedophilia to receive treatment prior to committing a sexual offence against a child. The website includes research articles on the results of this initiative, as well as information about pedophilia, seeking treatment, and other useful resources.

Troubled Desire

Troubled Desire is an online self-management tool for people who want help for a sexual interest in children, but are unable to seek treatment in person. Their service is free and confidential, and may involve contact with a therapist, when possible. Their goal is to prevent child sexual abuse, and help to reduce the distress felt by people who have a sexual interest in children. The website is overseen by the Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine in Berlin.

Safer Living Foundation Prevention Project

The Safer Living Foundation (SLF) is a UK-based charitable organization that aims to reduce sexual offending through both rehabilitation and prevention. The SLF Prevention Project offers free therapeutic and support services for adult men and women who are concerned that acting on their sexual interests may cause harm to others (adults and/or children), but who have never sexually offended. 

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is a nationwide centre with three programs aimed at reducing instances of child exploitation, both online and in the real world: CybertipKids in the Know, and Commit to Kids. This includes educating parents and children on how to prevent child sexual abuse. Each website contains information and resources that parents and organizations may find useful.

Virtuous Pedophiles

Virtuous Pedophiles is a website developed by and for people who have a sexual interest in children but are determined never to act on this interest. They state that their highest priority is keeping children safe. They also aim to reduce the stigma attached to pedophilia by explaining that many people with pedophilia never offend against a child.

People with pedophilia can receive information, resources, peer support, and advice on how to lead healthy, pro-social lives. Information on pedophilia is also available for the general public.

Resources for Partners of People with Sexual Offences


PartnerSPEAK is a website that provides both peer support and professional advice for partners and family members of people charged with sexual offences against children, including child pornography offences. 

The Global Prevention Project

The Global Prevention Project also offers web-based psycho-educational support groups (facilitated by a licensed clinician) for females whose partners have engaged in sexual offences or risky sexual behaviours. The website also provides links to other resources for women and families of people with sexual offences.

Wife Support Group

This online community forum is described as, “a place where wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends of sex offenders can share with each other”.  

Support for Wives Blog

A personal blog written by a woman whose husband was convicted of a sexual offence. The tagline reads, “Sharing stories, hopes, dreams, problems and obstacles for others who share their life with a convicted sex offender.” Includes links to other resources.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1. 

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